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Ph.D. in Business Administration


Admission Requirements


The Graduate Committee bases doctoral program admission decisions on a careful evaluation of all the applicant’s credentials. These credentials include letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores, a resume, and statement of purpose. Admission is granted only on recommendation by the committee.


Admissions to the doctoral program in Business Administration may be recommended for applicants who submit a competitive score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and have a 3.0 overall undergraduate GPA or at least a 3.10 GPA on the last 60 hours attempted at either the graduate or undergraduate level. However, admission is competitive among the pool of applicants, and only a small number of applicants are accepted. Therefore, the average GMAT and GPA of those accepted are much higher than the minimums stated above.


The deadline for application is February 1. To initiate the application process complete the online application at the link below:


Application for Admission to the Graduate School


Financial Assistance


Opportunities for financial assistance include teaching or research assistantships and non-service fellowships. Graduate assistants and non-service fellows who are not residents of Mississippi, along with their spouses, are not required to pay the nonresident registration fee. Full-time enrolled students holding assistantships are eligible to receive a partial tuition scholarship.




Through the Department of Career Services and Placement, the University offers assistance to students and alumni in finding suitable employment. Credentials are collected and maintained permanently as a service to candidates for academic, government, and private positions.


The faculty of the School of Business plays an instrumental role in placing students in academic positions. Recent students have obtained positions at the University of Tennessee, Arizona State University, Virginia Tech, the University of South Alabama, Delta State University, and St. John’s University.


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