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The Ph.D. Scholars Program

Since 1917, The University of Mississippi School of Business Administration has been educating business leaders. The Ph.D. Program has always been a major component of this through a leadership role. Ole Miss Business Ph.D. candidates receive an education from one of the region's premiere business schools. They also help educate undergraduate students, while producing contributions to the body of research that helps shape the global business environment.

Now, more than ever, we need your support to sustain the level of education, research, and community service that the state, region, and nation have come to expect from the Ole Miss Ph.D. program. With a diminishing State budget, and increasing education expenses, it is imperative that you help support the Ole Miss Ph.D. program.

To ensure that we are able to continue to recruit the best Ph.D. candidates and offer them a superior education, the Ph.D. Scholars Program invites you to support a Ph.D. Assistantship for $10,000. Or by combining your gift of any amount with others, we hope to provide a new stipend to an incoming doctoral student that will enable her/his dream to become a reality.

Please consider supporting the Ph.D. Scholars Program. Your support can make all the difference to future generations of students and to the business community in your state, nation and world.